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Stanford is startups

New York made a huge mistake by not choosing Stanford for the engineering partner in their new New York tech university. Stanford is startups. It's their culture. It is not just accepted and encouraged, those who want to do startups know to go there. I asked many people why they go to Stanford for graduate school, and the main motivation is to get ideas to do a startup. They infect the rest of the school. These ideas jump around from brain to brain there. Just as ideas of finance jump into Princeton brains when they arrive, Stanford kids with no interest in entrepreneurship quickly catch the same bug. Professors teach classes about and get rich off entrepreneurship. It permeates the atmosphere.

over 6 years ago on March 15 at 4:54 am by Joseph Perla in tech

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Hi, my business card says Joseph Perla. Former VP of Technology, founding team, My first college startup was in the education space. My second was Labmeeting, a cross between Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook for scientists. I dropped out of Princeton (twice).

I love to advise and help startups. My code on Github powers many websites and iPhone apps. I give talks about startup tech around the US and also internationally at conferences in Florence. incubators in Paris, and startups in Budapest.

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