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Python is a great language

I am using Python right now to experiment with a new idea. My friend Greg proposes that there be a stronger link between the file system and the Internet, the cloud, accessible from anywhere.

I think he has the right idea. No company currently offers a service that syncs files easily, quickly, and correctly. He proposes even more. Any data which can be on both your computer and the Internet can be tied together. For example, even though a text file and a blog post are very different in terms of format, you can write a program to sync them together.

And that’s what I am testing out right now. I am typing this in VIM, on Ubuntu, into a text file. I will run the command python test.txt to upload the blog post. I much prefer to write using VIM.

The hard problem, of course, is concurrency. If I change the blog over the Wordpress interface, how do I update the file on my computer without something breaking? The text file must pull the changes. Should it check every minute? Every day? As I open the file? Also, how does the computer know that this text file corresponds to a specific blog post when I edit, as opposed to a brand new post? Possible solutions are to create a file with metadata associated with this text file (problems with keeping it up to date), or changing the text file to include the id number (ugly). The solution is not difficult.

over 12 years ago on October 1 at 12:06 pm by Joseph Perla in school, technology

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