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MailPlus simplifies your inbox

MailPlus asks you, your colleagues, and your friends to add a simple expected action to every email you send. MailPlus makes it clear what you are supposed to do with every email you get (read something, reply with details, forward, etc).

MailPlus is simple. Just add "MailPlus: read" or "MailPlus: event" to each email on its own line at the bottom or top. There is no set template, but most common actions are suggested below.

MailPlus encourages you to send emails which require only one action by the recipient. If you have multiple actions required, please send multiple emails.

MailPlus makes it easier to filter urgent emails from non-urgent emails. This means you can better spend your time going through emails in the right order and the right frame of mind. MailPlus makes it easy to sort which actions you can do now versus later.

We recomend that you copy and paste the following as part of your email signature to (1) remind you to add a MailPlus action to all emails you send (change "idle" to anything else), and (2) tell other people about MailPlus.

MailPlus: idle

MailPlus is simple. MailPlus states the action expected for each email.

Learn more about MailPlus:

Suggested Actions

  • read

    • I thought this article/link would be interesting to you. Please read it. Let me know your thoughts, if you'd like.

  • yes or no

    • Please decide yes or no and reply to this message.

  • event

    • I am inviting you to this event. Please reply on the event page yes/no/maybe or reply to me if there is no Facebook, EventBrite, or other event link.

  • call

    • Please call me now (or whatever time is stated in the message). My phone number is detailed in the email or my signature.

  • fyi

    • For your information. Just letting you know about this information or link. There is no need to reply.

  • confirmation

    • Just archive this message for your records. No need to reply. This is useful for credit card purchases or other notifications.

  • introduction

    • I am introducing you to this person, who is cc'd on the email. Please reply promptly and decide to communicate more over email, phone, or in person. Please bcc me so that I know you received the email, but I don't receive all your correspondence.

  • idle

    • Just checking in. I haven't talked to you in a while, or I am bored. I'd like to talk to you, but it's not urgent. Feel free to reply when you have time. Emails by default, with no MailPlus line, are expected to be "idle". Add a different line if you have a more urgent or specific action.

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