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Google thinks it's smarter than you

Google has always been a great search engine. Since 1998, whenever anyone felt lucky, they found what they wanted instantly. On the other hand, Altavista, Excite, Yahoo, and all of the other search engines were frustrating. You search for "Bob Carpenter" and it gives you results for woodworking.

Recently, however, you may have noticed that Google changes your queries. When you search for "boosting" it changes to "boost" which has very different results since boosting is a theoretical machine learning idea. Google changed "pyquery" to "jquery" when I searched for it.

Google thinks it's smarter than you. That's a problem because the results for non-popular queries look increasingly like Altavista's. I want Google back.

over 7 years ago on April 26 at 8:53 pm by Joseph Perla in tech

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