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Bitcoin: A call-to-arms for technologists

I asked a friend making millions trading commodities in New York what he thought of bitcoin. His one-word SMS reply: "scam."

I can see why he might think that. Finance is his world. If Goldman Sachs had created bitcoin, then it would be obvious that they were merely creating another house of cards.

But bitcoin is different. Bitcoin is based on math and deep computer science. It was created by a technologist, and adopted early by technologists. Technologists build things: Apple, Facebook, Google. They created the modern world around us. With the support of a few dozen engineers, companies worldwide can begin accepting bitcoin practically overnight.

I personally know several growing startups with bitcoin integration nearly complete. Who would stop employees from integrating with a payment system with a lower transaction fee that lets any free person on the planet pay?

This is the true test of bitcoin: do engineers have the power to remake the world and a parallel economy overnight? Do you?

over 6 years ago on April 10 at 4:17 pm by Joseph Perla in tech, bitcoin

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