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Blog redesign now enabled. Looks cleaner, fresher. Plus, it has more stuff to do in the sidebar!

Here’s what the site looks like as of today:

over 10 years ago on September 18 at 8:43 pm by Joseph Perla in blog

Steve Yegge Rules

I stopped writing in this blog once I realized that people actually read it.  I received a few comments in one technical blog post.  They pushed me over a cliff.  Instead of publishing whatever popped into my mind regardless of the quality of the idea or writing, I hesitated over every agonizing sentence.  Every word strangled me.  I began to engineer my very thoughts to match that post’s style and topic, but I often failed and quit.  I have 28 abortive drafts in WordPress.

I truly enjoyed clarifying my thinking through writing.  So, I will write more.  Perhaps I will write something tautologically wrong or use dirty slang.  Irrespective of the quality, I will write.

Incidentally, Steve Yegge inspired me to start writing again.  If you program computers, you will love Steve’s Drunken Rants.  With his 20 years of programming experience, he cuts down to the bone of programming problems and programming triumphs.  He writes thoughtfully and completely; the rants often span several thousand words.  He wrote them, he claims, while drinking wine during the time when he worked at Amazon.

Now, he works at Google and has a more current blog: .  The newer rants also require serious time commitments to read, but each one imparts to me incredible insights.  For example, I now love JIT’s.

over 11 years ago on July 19 at 8:17 pm by Joseph Perla in blog

Try to Write

This is a quick, short entry to show myself that writing in this blog is quick and painless.

over 12 years ago on May 19 at 2:45 am by Joseph Perla in blog

Another Attempt

I make another pledge to write in this blog more often than once annually. Over the past year, I have written over one hundred pages of papers for classes in far too little time due to procrastination. I have written hundreds of e-mails to tenured professors, CEO’s, venture capitalists, and students at the best school in the country. All of this experience has taught me to not flinch at the thought of writing 200, 500, 3000 words. Firefox’s built-in spell-checking also helps. At the least, I can write about what I learn every day, since I learn much both in class and on-line. So, I plan to write much more periodically, primarily for you, my family. Hope you visit often, Mami, Papi, Mark, Jessica, and Jennifer.

over 12 years ago on April 8 at 2:31 am by Joseph Perla in blog


Now I know how to write a message in this blog.
Thank you,

If you register on the blog, I will make you an editor so that you can write posts.

over 12 years ago on March 13 at 8:51 pm by Joseph Perla in blog

Contact Info

You can always contact me by e-mailing blog AT or by sending a letter to
Joseph Perla
228 1941 Hall
Princeton, NJ. 08544

over 13 years ago on February 21 at 9:32 am by Joseph Perla in blog


I think, but I am not sure, that you can post onto this blog. You can tell me about what cool things may be happening at home, such as my brother, Mark, getting into FIU!!! This keeps things interesting.

over 13 years ago on February 17 at 6:24 am by Joseph Perla in blog


I just noticed that I disallowed registration for this blog. Now, it is turned on, so please register and comment as you wish. Once you register, I can give you privileges to allow you to make new posts on this blog with information about what is happening at home!

over 13 years ago on January 29 at 1:04 pm by Joseph Perla in blog

Happy New Year

Today is the Chinese New Year, the year of the fire dog.


I am reminded of a fortune cookie I once opened at Main Moon Buffet: “Someone will invite you to a Karaoke party.” Maybe this year I will be.

over 13 years ago on January 29 at 11:40 am by Joseph Perla in blog, news


Please feel free to comment on this site. You may have to re-register, but commentling reminds me that you read this blog, and encourages me to write more :-) . You can comment to ask a question, to which I will respond. I may even write a whole blog entry in response to your query.
   Thanks for your support and ideas,

over 13 years ago on January 27 at 9:15 am by Joseph Perla in blog

Reset Again

I have transfered this blog to a dedicated web server, so that the data loads faster and is more secure. Unfortunately, I had to delete all of the old posts again. HOPEfully this will be the final transition. Soon, I shall put up my schedule for next semester. Thank you for your patience.

over 13 years ago on January 26 at 1:14 am by Joseph Perla in blog

Howdy, my name is Joseph Perla. Former VP of Technology, founding team, Entrepreneur. Actor. Writer. Art historian. Economist. Investor. Comedian. Researcher. EMT. Philosophe

Twitter: @jperla

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